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Ancient wisdom nugget

"When what you want is difficult to achieve, there is a tendency to go for something easy because you know you can do it. The problem is you are then left with results you don’t really want."

- Mahatma Das

What is needed to proceed towards your goals is, according to the Yoga Sutra's:

- DETACHMENT towards the fruits of action

When actions are only motivated by the desire for pleasurable results, life becomes a gamble. Hoping to attain our desires, we are happy when actions bring success, and unhappy when the fruits are sour. Happiness and unhappiness are both submerged in the unpredictable shadows of the future, and it is inevitable that we will be stalked by anxiety until that future arrives. (Bhagavad Gita)

Once we learn to accept whatever is the reaction or result of our actions, without changing our vision for the future, we will succeed no matter what happens! With this deep acceptance we will be in harmony with the flow of life and live in the purity of the moment, gratitude and joy!

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Story from the Srimad Bhagavatam: Dwarf Vamana and King Bali

Often we think that we first need to graduate, get that status, that job, that achievement, that house, that partner that salary, before we can feel true happiness and satisfaction. That is basically what our whole economy and the world right now is based on. There needs to be dissatisfaction for the world to thrive, for the people to keep striving and buying, otherwise the system will collapse...

Thus, how can we live in this world, without falling for that trap? Here's a very interesting story that shows how important is it to practice gratitude and acceptance, for only then, after we have accepted our current state and position, and thus having gained satisfaction in where we are, only then happiness can come to us.

The story of Vamana

Vamana, one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu, is described to be a dwarf. However, even though this unusual feature, he was a highly attractive person, dressed as a saintly person. One day, he entered the palace of the king, called Bali, who is said to have been righteous, invincible, powerful and always truthful. At that particular moment, a ritual was being performed. When Vamana entered the room to meet King Bali, one of the counselors of the King warned King Bali: ‘that is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, don’t promise him anything! He is very, very powerful’. Bali, however, after taking note of this fact, replied that he would consider it an honor to serve Him and there was absolutely nothing he couldn't provide him since he was the King of the whole world. There was no one who owned more then him, so he said: ‘tell me anything you want and I will give it to you immediately!’. Vamana answered: ‘well, I need three steps of land’. Hereupon, acknowledging the dwarf’s steps will not cover any land, but three baby steps, king Bali laughs and makes fun of him: ‘it seems you are stunted not only by your physical growth, but also by your mental growth! Now, tell me what you really want, don't insult me with these foolish requests!' Hereupon, Vamana answered: ‘if one can’t be happy with three steps of land, one cannot be happy with even the biggest empire and, if one is happy with three steps of land, one will not need an empire’.

This beautifully illustrates how we first have to work on our inner fulfillment, only then we can ever find the happiness we are so eagerly looking for.

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