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Surrender of the Heart


Poetry Collection

Surrender of the Heart - BUY NOW

The very first edition of 'Surrender of the Heart', a poetry collection by Celine Wetzels

Surrender of the Heart - BUY NOW
Surrender of the Heart - BUY NOW

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Surrender of the Heart

Poetry Collection

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SURRENDER OF THE HEART / the start of a journey to discover the Truth from within

PRICE    €14,95 (including shipping costs)

'In the hidden depths of poetry

between the ertenal tunnels of time 

one will find a glance

a breath 

a suspension

of that which is surrounding us all 

ever present, purposeful, but unseen

the loving embrace of the Truth'


´Surrender of the Heart´ originated when the author Celine Wetzels, decided to leave her roots behind in order to discover the true essence of life and our existence in the authentic surroundings of ancient India. The many beautiful, enriching moments and insights that were experienced in that mystical place, were captured and re-awakened in this collection of poems. While reading this collection, the reader will be taken on an inner journey through the depths of our being in order to invoke those same moments of clarity, serenity and sheer gratitude; a small seed will be planted in our hearts, which will inevitably grow into a beautiful embrace of the Absolute Truth. 


'The meaning of life, is a life of meaning', is a quote that Celine truly connects with, as in every interaction, study or collaboration she is looking for depth and meaaning that could bring us closer to the core of who we are, of our existence. Life questions as 'what is the purpose of our lives?', 'why are we in this state of being?' and 'which path should we follow in life?', never failed to intrigue her during her time as a contemporary dancer. The quest to find answers to these fundamental inquiries in life found their culmination in leaving everything behind and finding her way to Asia, especially India, in order to study the authentic Vedic scriptures and Yogic paths, in which the science of self-realization is beautifully explained. Once she arrived back home, with fresh energy, passion and enthusiasm, she decided to share this beautiful, enriching knowledge by starting up her own company called 'Vedic Essence', school for Vedic and Yogic philosophy, providing classes, courses and workshops in many Vedic and Yogic subjects.


Language - English

Binding - Paperback

Print - 1st Edition, 2021

Release date - 6 May 2021

Illustrations - Black & White

Weight - 200g

Height - 6 mm

Lenght - 13 cm 

Width - 21 cm


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