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So., 10. Jan.


Online Zoom Webinar

Rewire your brain through Pranayama

Learn this ancient breathing technique in order to restructure your brain and tune into gratitude, connection, joy and intelligence!

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Rewire your brain through Pranayama
Rewire your brain through Pranayama

Time & Location

10. Jan. 2021, 10:00

Online Zoom Webinar

About the event

Everything we go through in life, makes an impact on our consciousness. You could say little scars are left behind through everything we perceive through our senses. These small scars provide the blueprint of who you are or … who you think you are, since these impressions from the outside world can truly limit us when they are converted in unconscious believes about the world, others and ourselves: ‘I am not good enough’, ‘this is just how men are’, ‘I am someone who never ends on top’, ‘I have to be perfect’ etc. These believes are unconsciously shaped in our mind as we wander through the journey of life.

As these limiting believes and self-images find their expression in the brain, we can solve these obstacles on our path by detoxing or rewiring our brain! Pranayama is a breathing technique that clears the neuropathways within our body and brain in order to get rid of these blockages within. Thus, let’s rewire our brains in order to open up the doors to intelligence, inner freedom, growth, compassion, connection, balance, love, harmony and happiness! In this course, SUNDAY 10th JAN 10AM CEST, we will take an in-depth look in both the theoretical and the practical side of this breathing technique, pranayama, in order to move beyond the limits we have set ourselves.


- 45 min philosophy

- 45 min theory

Course fee: 

12,5 euro 

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