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Sa., 05. Sept.


Online Zoom Seminar

Rewire your Brain through Pranayama

Learn this Breathing Technique to tune your brain for receiving growth, connection, harmony, intelligence etc.

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Rewire your Brain through Pranayama
Rewire your Brain through Pranayama

Time & Location

05. Sept. 2020, 19:00

Online Zoom Seminar

About the event

'Pranayama removes the veil covering the light of knowledge and heralds the dawn of wisdom' - Yoga Sutra's II.52

Pranayama is a breathing technique to steady the mind, which is now very restless and flickering due to the compilation of desires, attachments, believes, impressions etc. Once the mind is steady true concentration can thirve.

Therefore, through the practice of pranayama we truly tune our brains to open the doors to growth, gratitude, intelligence, compassion, well-being and connection.

In the most ancient Yogic scriptures, called the Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali, the effects of practicing pranayama are as follows: 'its practice destroys illusion, consisting of ignorance, desire and delusion, which obscures intelligence; and allows the inner light of wisdom to shine. As breeze disperses the clouds that cover the sun, pranayama wafts away the clouds that hide the light of the intelligence.'

This Zoom course includes:

- A journey through the brain & its connection to the ego

- Explination of prana (vital life energy), the chakra's and the Kundalini

- An in-depth introduction to the practice of pranayama

- A practical guide on how to practice pranayama

- Guidance on how to build your own pranayama routine

The course fee is 9,95€

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