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    Surrender of the Heart
    Poetry Collection
    Surrender of the Heart
    Poetry Collection
    The very first edition of 'Surrender of the Heart', a poetry collection by Celine Wetzels
    So., 19. Dez.
    Online Zoom Event
    19. Dez. 2021, 10:00 MEZ
    Online Zoom Event
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De poëet William Blake schreef: ‘the mind can make heaven out of hell and hell out of heaven’. Hiermee duidde hij op het feit dat het onze geest is welke bepaalt hoe wij de realiteit in en rondom ons waarnemen. In de opkomende workshop meditatie  zullen we daarom aandacht besteden aan het onthullen van de mysteries van de geest. We zullen ons focussen op hoe we de geest kunnen trainen zodat wij onze maximale potentie mogen leven. Dit alles doen we onder het alziend oog van de sages uit het oude India, welke ons prachtige, authentieke kennis hebben aangereikt eveneens als de techniek, de wetenschap van het mediteren, om deze wijsheid in praktijk om te zetten. In deze cursus zullen we daarom naast het ontdekken van de mysteries van de geest, leren hoe we in de praktijk kunnen beginnen aan onze reis in meditatie, zodat we onszelf van binnen mogen transformeren om innerlijke rust, sereniteit en vreugde te ervaren.

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Elke dinsdag en woensdag ochtend om 9:00 uur verdiepen wij ons samen in het pad der Yoga! Samen onthullen we de mysteries van het lichaam, de geest en ons diepste zijn. We duiken in de ervaring van  het huidige moment en al wat dat ons intern biedt. 

In deze lessen zullen we dieper ingaan op de Hatha Yoga methode, waarbij we naast fysieke asanas ons ook concentreren op pranayama, mantras en korte meditaties. 

U bent van harte welkom om aan te sluiten voor een proefles! 

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Dear Visitor

‘He who has a why to live for, can bear with almost any how’, were the words of Nietzsche some decades ago. In this world that seems to be ever-changing, turbulent, chaotic and filled with dualities, we often find ourselves to be lost. As we reach our desired goals, internally we lack our compass, our ‘why’. Eagerly, we are roaming around the globe, striving for this and that in order to look for a way to still that hunger inside of us. Where do we find that horizon that will offer the answers to the most burning voids within us, ‘who am I?’, ‘why am I here, what is my purpose?’, ‘is there a goal to life?’, and finally ‘what is the path to that goal?’.

In this world, all we know consists of dualities, and thus, we will find that when we reach our desired outcome, its shadow-side joins us as a free companion. Never will there be a time when we are absolutely sure that what we have gained will stay with us, or that we will actually feel fulfilled when having achieved our goal. We are trying to fill an incompleteness within ourselves by adding external components to our life.

By studying the scriptures of ancient India, we learn why we are feeling these frictions and incompleteness in life and how we can subsequently feel totally fulfilled by coming back to the core of who we really are. Slowly, the amnesia that is surrounding our true essence will soften, as our consciousness looses its impurities in the form of selfishness, envy, lust, which will eventually lead to regaining our true core and state, eternal, all-knowing, bliss.

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The path to liberation
Is one of shapeless gold
Surrender to its maze-like nature
And you’ll find that
That’s where the journey
Begins and ends
As timeless moments blend together
In an effort to erode our broken facades
Revealing a rebirth in every single moment
Revealing its true nature behind
The eternal dance of the particles
Revealing the core
Of existence itself
The source of all and
The source of nothing
Shining in its paradoxicality
It welcomes you in, laughing

Celine Wetzels 

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